Reinvent the way
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by leveraging the full potential of your data.

What is Lyriko?

Lyriko is a platform that boosts commercial efficiency and content effectiveness by leveraging AI & automation. It allows your business to effectively manage your customer base by providing actionable insights for sales reps and content journey orchestration.

Lyriko helps Life Science organizations achieve the Next Best Action paradigm of omnichannel engagement.

Being a scalable and modular platform, Lyriko is a full-fledged AI solution that covers all your needs in the realm of commercial operations, at a global level.

Global content management thanks to Automatic Tagging

Return on investment is certain

Guaranteed impact on processes,
with the first results achieved within 60 days after kick-off.

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Find out what Lyriko can do for you!

I want to grow the

product market share

I want to engage HCPs with

relevant content

I want to optimise

field force efficiency

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Unleashing the power of ChatGPT in Pharma

Why choose Lyriko?

Modular and highly-personalised solution

Quick to deploy
A POC can be implemented in a few weeks

On-premise deployment available

User friendly
Easy to use for business and technical users

What clients say about us

We strongly believe in Lyriko. After Italy, the solution will be implemented in 13 other markets: Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Asia Pacific.

Marco Peconi

Customer Engagement Director
MSD Italy

A trained and proactive team capable of enhancing your data, accompanying you step by step towards a data-driven approach.

Alessandra Scarpellini

Head of Sales and Marketing 


Thanks to Lyriko, we have been enhancing our ability to orchestrate content and engage customers. We’re very satisfied and would suggest Lyriko’s services to anyone in need of tagging their promo materials.

Claudio Cipriani

Global OmniChannel Strategy Lead

Organon & Co


Lyriko can be easily integrated with all the major players in the CRM ecosystem

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Lyriko is an AI-based platform that boosts commercial efficiency and content effectiveness with a data-driven approach.

Lyriko’s modular capabilities allow to pursue 360° customer engagement at any stage of the data maturity scale. The whole suite enables a full Omnichannel Content Orchestration.