Case Study

Identifying Pharma KOLs for product launch communication plan with LyriKOL

The company

Our client is a pharmaceutical company based in Europe. With over 80 years of history, they have successfully brought several new medications to market and have a reputation for innovation and excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

The need

The company expressed the need to develop an effective communication plan for a product launch in a new therapeutic area.

To ensure it reached the right audience and facilitate the work of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and sales representatives, the company wanted to easily identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) among healthcare professionals (HCPs) in that therapeutic area.

The solution

To tackle this issue, the best solution is our platform LyriKOL.
LyriKOL is a powerful platform designed specifically for the European healthcare industry, but with global healthcare data sources, that aggregates diverse data sets related to medical publications.

By bringing together all scientific publications, latest research, and authors in one easily accessible platform, LyriKOL enables users to discover and map the most relevant thought leaders in a specific topic area of interest. With this tool, users can stay informed about the evolving context in which thought leaders operate, and gain customised insights to plan engagement strategies.

With the LyriKOL, the company has thus able to:

  • Identify ideal targets for the upcoming product launch, leveraging the latest research and scientific publications in the field.
  • Prioritise HCPs more effectively for engagement initiatives based on their relevance to specific therapeutic areas or topics.
  • Deliver customised messages to the most relevant audiences, ensuring that communications are tailored to the needs and interests of key opinion leaders.

Overall, LyriKOL is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to stay up-to-date with the latest medical research, identify influential KOLs, and develop effective engagement strategies in the healthcare industry.

The results

The company has enriched its database of HCPs with new and updated information.
LyriKOL has access to more than 8 million profiles of HCPs in over 180 countries and provides access to approximately 35 million recent publications in any therapeutic area.

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