Dynamic Segmentation

Lyriko enables the creation of dynamic customer targets and recommendations on specific content to feed marketing automation engines or web page suggestions

Platform capabilities

Advanced Decision
Support for Sales

  • Generate suggestions for sales force, via CRM or any other channel
  • Monitor field force effectiveness


  • Understand the best content for each target
  • Search content into DAM
  • Build content-specific dashboards

Omnichannel Content

  • Create automated content journeys
  • Lead Next Best Action and Next Best Content initiatives


  • Define campaign targets dynamically
  • Deploy a recommender system for web portals

Data Visualization
& Analytics

  • Create shared dashboards between business users
  • Automate dashboard updates

Data Integration
& Enrichment

  • Merge and clean data from different sources
  • Enrich datasets to build a unique source of truth


Lyriko can be easily integrated with all the major players in the CRM ecosystem

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