Case Study

Global content management thanks to Automatic Tagging

Thanks to Lyriko, we have been enhancing our ability to orchestrate content and engage customers. We’re very satisfied and would suggest Lyriko’s services to anyone in need for help for tagging their promo materials.

Claudio Cipriani

Global Omnichannel Strategy Lead


The company

Organon is a global healthcare company with a portfolio of therapies and products in women’s health, biosimilars, and established medicines across a wide array of conditions and diseases. Organon’s vision is to create a better and healthier every day for every woman.

The need

Organon partnered with Hyntelo to create a more efficient system for their promotional materials that would accomplish three key objectives:

  • Easy keyword-based search of promotional materials within a vast archive on Veeva PromoMats (the Digital Assets Management platform used by the company for promotional material management).
  • Monitoring of promotional content shared with healthcare professionals.
  • Improving the orchestration of content and messages to share with customers.

To fulfill these goals, Organon needed an effective and primarily automated content tagging system that would overcome the limitations of a historically labor-intensive and time-consuming process, ensuring consistent and accurate tagging (avoiding issues such as inconsistent, incomplete, or missing tags).

The solution

The best solution for Organon’s goals turned out to be Lyriko Content Auto-Tagging module, that was seamlessly integrated with the client’s DAM (Digital Asset Management) system.

In practice, the Content Auto-Tagging module reads all the materials within the repository. Then, following a taxonomy model customized to Organon’s specific needs, it utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically assign semantic tags to each piece of content.

Additionally, users have the option to set a confidence score, which influences the number of tags associated with each document. At that point, authorized Organon users can access a simple and intuitive interface where they can view, confirm, modify, or add new tags to each document.

All the tags are then automatically synchronized with Veeva PromoMats, making the properly tagged materials available to all employees and the entire Veeva ecosystem. 

The results

Since its go-live in December 2022, Lyriko Content Auto-Tagging module has achieved significant results. Being operational in over 60 markets, it has automatically tagged over 17,000 promotional materials in multiple languages, with an impressive accuracy rate of 98%, saving countless hours of manual work.

This approach empowers Organon’s marketing and sales teams to easily find promotional materials related to specific keywords and reuse content across different markets. Furthermore, they can monitor shared content and suggest/ personalize the most relevant materials to healthcare professionals, aligning with a “Next Best” strategy.

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