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Improve sales force efficiency by using AI customized suggestions and personalized contents

We strongly believe in Lyriko.
After Italy, the solution will be implemented in 13 other markets: Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Asia Pacific.

Marco Peconi

Customer Engagement Director

MSD Italy

The client

MSD is a leading American pharmaceutical company, known in the United States and Canada as Merck & Co. It was founded in 1891 and has been operating in Italy for over 65 years, being always one of the pharma companies at the forefront of digitalisation.

Pharma needs for sales force effectiveness

MSD’s main goal was to embrace a truly customer-centric approach. To pursue this objective, they were looking for an AI-based, data-driven solution that will accomplish two tasks:

  • support MSD’s network of scientific representatives with personalized actionable insights based on customer interactions
  • directly deliver relevant messages to HCPs, according to their preferences in terms of content and channels

Why chose Lyriko Suggestions?

The best solution for MSD’s requirements turned out to be Lyriko.

Lyriko Suggestions is an advanced decision support tool that provides customised suggestions to Sales Reps as well as omnichannel content orchestration. MSD chose Lyriko Suggestions because of its modular and flexible platform, its partnership with Veeva and its data scientist support team, which demonstrates strong business acumen.

How does Lyriko Tagging work?

Since the pilot phase of the project, Lyriko has proven to be very successful: the performance and efficiency of MSD Sales Reps increased, and they are enthusiastic about Lyriko’s support. In fact, by receiving daily actionable and personalized insights on the HCPs they have to meet, they can focus their efforts more on building and maintaining customer relationships.

Regarding the omnichannel orchestration, it is active on three online channels for MSD: Approved Emails, newsletter and banners on MSD Salute, a portal dedicated to resources and information for healthcare professionals. Lyriko enables personalization of content sent directly to HCPS, improving the relevance of messages and avoiding overloading health care providers.

What are the results of using a virtual assistant to improve customer engagement?

MSD has amply demonstrated its belief in the Lyriko solution and has accelerated its deployment in all therapeutic areas and on all Sales Reps. They have seen results as:

  • On average 90% of suggestions adopted by Sales Reps
  • More than 1.000 suggestions sent every day
  • A remarkable increase in HCPs engagement score
  • 20% increase in coverage of Sales Reps

I’m Marco Peconi, Customer Engagement Director for MSD Italy.
In MSD Italy I’m in charge of the definition and implementation of the omnichannel engagement strategy with a particular focus on digital channels and digital innovation.

MSD Italy has been always one of the Pharma companies at the forefront of digitalization. Our main goal is to put the customers in the middle of our process, considering their needs and their preferences. To pursue this, we rely on a data-driven approach, leveraging our analytics.

In the last years, at MSD Italy we started to invest heavily in data analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools. We would like to address two main needs. The first one is to support our network of scientific representatives to give them the best insights about their customers. The second one is to reach our customers with the right content on the right channel.

The best solution turned out to be Lyriko. Lyriko is an Advanced Decision Support tool for scientific representatives that provides customized suggestions and omnichannel orchestration. Lyriko is the best for its modular and flexible structure, it’s a Veeva partner, and because it provides a Data Scientist team with strong business acumen.

With Lyriko, we got excellent results already from the pilot phase, increasing the performance and efficiency of our scientific representatives. They receive daily personalized insights and customized suggestions about the customer they have to meet during the day, with specific information about content and topics to talk about and channel preferences. In this way, they can focus all their efforts on building and maintaining customer relationships, saving time.  In the last months, they have confirmed to us how much they appreciate Lyriko’s support.

We strongly believe in Lyriko. For this reason, in the last year, we accelerated the deployment on all our therapeutic areas and scientific representatives. We send more than 1.000 suggestions daily and, over time, we reached 90% of suggestions adoption. At the moment, Lyriko is being adopted in the Italian market. We plan to extend it to other countries, focusing on the Next Best Content.

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Lyriko is an AI-based platform that boosts commercial efficiency and content effectiveness with a data-driven approach.

Lyriko’s modular capabilities allow to pursue 360° customer engagement at any stage of the data maturity scale. The whole suite enables a full Omnichannel Content Orchestration.