Unlocking Pharma content potential: the game-changer of Automated Tagging with Lyriko

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Giulia Lubian


In the digital age, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly relying on engaging and personalized content to connect with their customers, particularly healthcare professionals (HCPs). However, manually tagging content can be a cumbersome and error-prone process, hampering the efficiency and effectiveness of content management.

This is where automated content tagging comes to the rescue. By leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms, Lyriko, a cutting-edge solution, offers the first end-to-end automated content tagging module seamlessly integrated with Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems.

The Challenge of Manual Tagging

Traditional manual content tagging involves human effort and is often time-consuming. Manual tagging is prone to errors, such as typos, inconsistent tags, and incomplete categorization. These shortcomings can hinder efficient content search, hinder content reuse, and limit the ability to monitor content sharing with HCPs. Therefore, an automated solution that ensures accurate and consistent content tagging is vital for pharmaceutical companies.

The Benefits of Content Tagging for Pharma Companies

  1. Describing Pieces of Content: Tagging enables the precise description of promotional materials, providing essential metadata that improves searchability, discoverability, and categorization. This allows pharmaceutical companies to efficiently organize and manage their vast content repositories.
  2. Streamlining Content Search: Automated tagging empowers users to quickly search and retrieve relevant content based on specific tags or keywords. This expedites the process of content discovery, reducing time and effort.
  3. Enhancing Content Reuse: Accurate tagging facilitates content reuse across various channels and campaigns. By categorizing content effectively, pharmaceutical companies can maximize the value of their existing assets, saving time and resources in content creation.
  4. Monitoring Content Sharing with HCPs: Tagging plays a crucial role in tracking and monitoring the distribution of content to healthcare professionals. It enables companies to gain insights into which content is being shared, its impact, and areas that require improvement.
  5. Orchestrating Content across Channels: The “Next Best Action” paradigm, which focuses on delivering the most relevant content to the right audience at the right time, relies heavily on efficient content tagging. Automated tagging allows companies to align content with specific channels and target audiences, optimizing engagement and customer experience.

From Manual Hassle to Automated Bliss: How Lyriko Transforms Pharma Content Tagging

Lyriko’s Content Auto-Tagging module revolutionizes the management of content tagging for pharmaceutical companies. Seamlessly integrated with any DAM system, Lyriko scans and analyzes all materials within the repository using customized taxonomy models tailored to the client’s specific needs. Its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms automatically assign semantic tags to each piece of content, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Lyriko provides authorized users with an intuitive interface, enabling them to review, confirm, modify, or add new tags to each document. This user-friendly interface ensures that human expertise is involved in the final tagging decisions, maintaining control and precision.

Furthermore, Lyriko allows users to set confidence scores, which influence the number of tags associated with each document. This flexibility provides users with customization options to align with their unique requirements and desired level of granularity.

With Lyriko’s seamless synchronization with DAM systems, all the tags assigned to content are automatically updated, making properly tagged materials readily accessible to all employees and the entire CRM ecosystem.


Automated content tagging with Lyriko empowers pharmaceutical companies to overcome the limitations of manual tagging, significantly improving content management processes. By streamlining content search, enhancing content reuse, monitoring content sharing with HCPs, and orchestrating content across channels, Lyriko enables pharmaceutical companies to unlock the full potential of their content.

With Lyriko’s advanced AI algorithms and seamless integration with DAM systems, the time-consuming and error-prone nature of manual tagging is eliminated, allowing companies to focus on creating impactful and engaging content. Embrace the power of Lyriko and revolutionize your content management, driving customer engagement and maximizing the impact of your promotional materials in the pharmaceutical industry.

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