Use cases

Lyriko and its modules can be applied in many different scenarios, especially in the Pharma and Life Science industry.

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Global content management thanks to Automatic Tagging

Optimize marketing communication strategies and monitor content sharing.

Content is extracted from the CRM and automatically tagged, leveraging an Artificial Intelligence model to identify semantic entities. 

Support to sales force thanks to Smart Suggestions

Data-driven approach that optimises Sales Reps effectiveness with NL recommendations.

By connecting Lyriko to a CRM or other data sources, it is possible to provide the sales force with prescriptive suggestions on the Next Best Action to take for each customer.

The suggestions take into account the customer profile, marketing objectives and past interactions and is delivered within the CRM or through other channels.

Automatic Report Generation thanks to Advanced Insights

Make informed decisions thanks to Lyriko's consistent updates on analytics and insights.

Lyriko uses multilingual Natural Language Generation technology to automatically create textual insights based on the analysis of data collected in different fields:

Generated content can also be dynamically adapted to different types of users (local and global), for example: headquarter, marketers or Sales Reps.

Reps' feedback analysis thanks to Advanced Insights

Go beyond traditional data by leveraging ground-breaking Emotional AI technology.

Lyriko is able to analyse the qualitative feedback from Sales Reps after each face-to-face meeting to extract information on customer engagement and generate suggestions on how to strengthen the relationship.

Thanks to Sentiment and Emotional AI, different content formats such as texts, emails, calls, videos, etc. can be analysed.

Integrated notifications thanks to an AI Assistant

Data is quickly accessed with a smart virtual assistant.

The chatbot answers the user’s questions using simple Natural Language, by obtaining information from the platform’s FAQs.

Advanced marketing automation thanks to Orchestration

Reach the full potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the seamless integration of Lyriko capabilities.

By following previously defined marketing goals, automatically manage key messages throughout different digital channels.

Discover Lyriko for other industries

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Lyriko is an AI-based platform that boosts commercial efficiency and content effectiveness with a data-driven approach.

Lyriko’s modular capabilities allow to pursue 360° customer engagement at any stage of the data maturity scale. The whole suite enables a full Omnichannel Content Orchestration.