Lyriko Suggestions

As a virtual assistant, it helps the field force with personalized and actionable insights, allowing them to focus on building the customer relationship. Lyriko boosts sales performance (more interactions and coverage) and sales effectiveness (increased personalization and emails open rate).

Discover how to apply a data-driven approach
to building customer engagement strategy.


  • Optimize the customer journey based on CRM interaction data
  • Generate real-time, personalized and actionable insights for the sales force via CRM or any other channel
  • Orchestrate omnichannel strategy by improving engagement KPIs


  • Automatically tags multimedia content with more than 95% of accuracy
  • Supports more than 15 different types of formats (pdf, video, ppt, doc…)
  • Displays an overview of all content shares with target audiences


  • Dynamically defines campaign targets
  • Feeds marketing automation engines
  • Displays an overview all contact metrics useful for defiing marketing strategies


  • Create shared dashboards across business users

  • Build content-specific dashboards


  • Uses information from key opinion leaders to enrich customer database
  • Prioritizes target audience based on customers relevance


  • Easily finds all information related to a customer
  • Summarizes concepts base on all documents in the repository
  • Identifies the best content for a specific topic

Lyriko Suite enables a full Omnichannel Content Orchestration


Lyriko can be easily integrated with all the major players in the CRM ecosystem

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Lyriko is an AI-based platform that boosts commercial efficiency and content effectiveness with a data-driven approach.

Lyriko’s modular capabilities allow to pursue 360° customer engagement at any stage of the data maturity scale. The whole suite enables a full Omnichannel Content Orchestration.