Unveiling the highlights of our journey at Next Pharma Summit

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Giulia Lubian

Step into the realm of pharmaceutical transformation!

Last week our team attended the captivating Next Pharma Summit in Dubrovnik, a leading conference that brings together experts in digital innovation, commercial advancements, medical affairs, and technology. Our participation in the event enabled us to establish meaningful connections, draw inspiration, and make a stylish statement with our must-have branded sunglasses!

Guided by the question “Where to NEXT?”, Next Pharma Summit pioneers embarked on a collective journey to unlock new horizons and overcome challenges.

During the summit’s insightful sessions, we gleaned valuable insights that resonated with us and our fellow attendees. Here are the some of the key takeaways from our immersive discussions:

  1. Content Tagging: Simplified and Automated
    Amidst the summit’s fervor, content tagging emerged as a pressing concern. Many organizations sought effective solutions, and we proudly showcased our product Lyriko, during our session with Andrea Rolleri from MSD Italy and Almudena Fraga from Lundbeck . With its groundbreaking Content Auto-Tagging capabilities, Lyriko streamlines and automates content tagging processes, offering a valuable resource for effortless data management.
  2. Fueling Transformation through Company Culture
    During the sessions, the significance of a vibrant company culture in driving transformation became increasingly evident. The industry recognized the value of cultivating a culture of experimentation and championing mindful innovation. By nurturing a culture that encourages implementation, companies can propel themselves towards holistic success.
  3. Collaboration and Cross-Functional Synergy
    The summit emphasized the importance of collaboration and cross-functional synergy within pharmaceutical organizations. The industry’s future depends on unified efforts encompassing omnichannel strategies, data ownership, and tech development. A comprehensive understanding of customer relationship management (CRM) across all business functions becomes the driving force behind impactful outcomes.
  4. Conquering Complexity
    Navigating the complexities of measurements and analytics can be a daunting task. However, we firmly believe that no complexity is insurmountable. With the right vendor as your trusted guide, all intricacies can be tamed. Embrace the journey of measurement and analytics with confidence, knowing that every challenge can be sorted out when equipped with the right tools and expertise.

The Next Pharma Summit in Dubrovnik illuminated a world of possibilities for the pharmaceutical industry. Armed with inspiration and determination, we continue to shape the future.

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