Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT in Pharma

Since the beginning of 2023, ChatGPT has been on everyone’s lips. By now almost everyone knows broadly how it works, but perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that it is part of the large family of Generative AI, a branch of Artificial Intelligence that involves learning a representation of data to generate new, […]

Putting HCPs First: How Pharma Companies Can Improve Customer Experience

Customer engagement

Customer experience has become increasingly important across industries, and the pharma industry is no exception. In this industry, the customer experience often revolves around engaging with healthcare professionals (HCPs). This can include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers who prescribe and use pharmaceutical products. For any pharma company, building a customer experience strategy that […]

KOLs: how can Pharma know and engage these transforming figures?

Key Opinion Leaders in Pharma  In the pharma industry, a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is a respected medical professional who is recognized as an expert in their field.  KOLs can help to educate other healthcare professionals about new drugs and treatments, by speaking at conferences and publishing articles in medical journals. They can also be […]

How Dr. Google can improve Pharma’s customer experience!

Over the latest years, it has become ever more frequent for people to turn to the internet to seek useful information or support on almost every decision one has to make. The health issue, as expected, is not exempt from this trend, with about one-sixth of the billions of searches people undertake every day on […]

Next Best Action in Pharma

Next Best Action is a customer-focused strategy. In short, it considers the different actions that could be taken and then decides which is the best one to implement. Next Best Action can be applied in any industry, but it has become an essential paradigm, especially in the pharma world of digital transformation.  Indeed, with the […]

Next Best Action and Artificial Intelligence

From Financial Services to Life Sciences, companies are working to define new methodologies around customer engagement work streams. The urge of defining a new way of customer engagement is rising from the shift in the customers’ mindset as mentioned by Deloitte. More than being a part of a segment, now, customers want to be treated […]

Next Best Action and the impact on Sales

We live in a context where digitalization and the continuous exposure of individuals to promotional messages have increased the value of time spent by customers with the sales force and digital advertising. In addition, the new possibilities opened up by digitization have reinforced the need to interact with customers in an increasingly efficient manner, ensuring […]

Phygital is taking over us

In the age of phygital, it is common for events to be hybrid, where part of the audience is physically present in the room and part is remotely connected online. But it doesn’t end there. The other day I went to an international in-person event to attend a few masterclasses, and at one point I […]

Frontiers Health 2022: it’s time for Patient Centricity

As digital health professionals, we mainly focus on clinics and their behaviors towards all the disruptive changes they face in everyday life.  We learned to understand when they prefer to be contacted, through which channels, and which are the more appropriate contents they are interested in. In simple words: we learned to use a Next […]

How Next Best Action transforms Marketing

NBA in marketing

To each their own cocktail You know that great feeling when you walk into a bar and the bartender already knows what cocktail you’re going to have?  Or even better, he automatically prepares it for you the instant you walk in? Maybe he even manages to offer you a new variant of your favourite cocktail, […]